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Natural Soaps

What you put on your skin is important. The skin is the body's largest organ. By nature it is highly absorbent and will transport molecules of various substances from the surface to your bloodstream in short order.

Natural Skin

Certain chemicals can make that transition in as little as 23 seconds. So basically, whatever gets on our skin sooner or later gets inside us. Our skin is exposed to a myriad of chemicals, toxins and pollutants on a daily basis due to the nature of our environment. 

Natural Softness

We live in a chemical soup of our own making. The air has pollutants. Our water has chemicals. Our clothes have fire retardants and other unknown and unwanted chemicals. Our food has residues of pesticides and herbicides.

Naturally Safe

Fact is, we have no control over a vast number of unwanted chemicals that come in daily contact with our skin--and then enter our bodies. The '23' reminds us of that. It reminds us that when we have a choice of putting something on our skin that it should be free of harmful and unknown chemicals.

Natural Scents

You have a choice in the soap you use on a daily basis. Our soap is 100% natural oils and fragrances and colors. I make them from the 'ground-up' so I control every item that goes into them. I do not use premixed bases that are commercially manufactured and used by many soap makers.

Natural Sources

It would be faster and cheaper to do so, but it would be counter to our mission of supplying the best product for your use that we can. Nothing in 23 Soaps is detrimental to your health so you can use them with confidence that you are not adding to the harmful array of molecules that bombard us daily.


In the mountains we are lucky as the air is good, the water is pristine and we can eat locally and without chemicals. We and our skin are healthier". Being conscious of all of this allows us to make more correct choices in our life style". Stephen Schulte, DVM

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About Our Soaps

If a beautiful, blemish-free, soft skin is something you long for...then you should try our luxurious, lathering, vegan, handcrafted soap containing the most precious oils such as coconut, palm, olive, argan, avocado and castor in various blends that are among the best soaps on the market.  These are complexion bars we recommend you use for a total luxurious body experience… you'll love it and may even kiss your moisturizers good-bye! Men love it, too!

The Various Blends

The Unique Activated Bamboo Charcoal Complexion Formula. Bamboo Charcoal has been used for centuries in Asia in health and beauty products as well as medicinal formulations to treat acne, eczema and dry cracking skin. This detoxifying soap is not only anti-bacterial, but also anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-microbial aka "Black Diamond", naturally giving your pores a deep cleaning.

About the Cosmetic Kaolin Complexion Clay Soaps

Kaolin Clay is a gentle cosmetic additive with very good elastic properties making it suitable for sensitive skin. It helps stimulate circulation while gently exfoliating and cleansing. This clay does not draw out oils from the skin and is beneficial for dryness. These soaps have a very creamy feel. They are the pink soaps.

About the TVSSORE Silk Fiber Complexion Soap

Made up of 2 primary proteins: Fibroin and Sericin. This soap has a high amino acid content that regulates the skin's moisture content resulting in a tightening, anti-wrinkle effect. These silk proteins known to absorb 10,000 times their own weight in water, are absorbed into the skin or hair and improve moisture balance, suppleness, shine and elasticity. They impart a silky, smooth feel to the skin.

Fragrances available but may vary

Wisteria, Jasmine, Lavender, Green Tea, Lemongrass, Agave, Eucalyptus, Deep Sea, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Unscented, Black Mountain, Vetiver & Stud (aka Fox & Hounds), and Frankincense.

Our soap is the most laborious to make and requires the most artistic talent! It is the most visually stunning!  It has higher grades of expensive oils and there is nothing artificial or pre-made in our blends. It has all safe and natural additives such as the charcoal, clay and silk that are formulated in unique ways to produce beneficial results. IT CANNOT BE DUPLICATED!           

FEATURED SOAP!   Tea Time Emporium's Special Wisteria  Blend

Each custom bar of Tea Time Emporium's Elegant Wisteria Soap is meticulously hand-crafter of exceptional natural ingredients to produce a luxurious, highly moisturizing lather that will leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed.

INGREDIENTS: Saponified oils of Coconut, Olive, Palm, Argan, Avocado, Castor and distilled water.

NEW!!!   A Safe & Natural Handcrafted Deodorant


In as little as 23 seconds your skin can absorb materials into your blood stream. What contacts your skin is as important as what you eat. 23 Soap Company (the same company that makes the fabulous vegan soaps), has created a safe, natural and effective deodorant that contains only natural ingredients. The anti-microbial, moisture absorbing and detoxifying properties of Activated Bamboo Charcoal set our deodorants apart from others.

It took 3 months to perfect the recipe and they have something amazing for you to use now. This contains a low baking soda formula with activated charcoal for absorption and anti-microbial properties. You will love it! It comes in various scents or unscented and in two sizes.


Directions: Apply a pea-sized amount to the underarms with fingers or cosmetic spatula. Rub in until clear.


This is a great gift for anyone, especially You! Mail Orders Welcome (shipping costs are additional) Gift Wrapping also available. Lovely Christmas gift.

Soap bars $6.50 each, or 2 for $12.00 (Custom Volume Orders Welcome)
Four bar minimum order by phone. $22.00 (plus $10.00 shipping and handling)

Call us for available inventory and place your order!  Tel (828) 246-0310

Our Customer's Soap Reviews

"After using the soap one once, I knew I loved it! My skin is very dry, and the soap is helping. I liked it so much, I bought more for my daughter in law and for a friend in Georgia. I highly recommend it."
Pat Sherrill

"After one use, I was a believer. My skin feels fantastic and unlike any soap or moisturizer I have ever used. It's a very clean, fresh natural feel. I cannot wait to see and feel the results of continued usage.
What a special gift for your special friends."
Marilyn Zube

"I am a young 63 year young lady who has been challenged with 'crepe-looking' skin. After using the lavender silk soap for just 2 weeks, it has reduced the problem by at least 60%. My whole body looks and
feels softer and younger! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful product with me!"
Vicki O'Connor

"I chose the agave luxury soap. It also has the benefit of the bamboo charcoal on one side. The lather is luxurious! The soap bar also has the ingredient of the Kaolin Clay to exfoliate the skin. I especially like that the Bamboo Charcoal detoxifies my skin giving my pores a great cleaning. A wonderful, affordable, luxury complexion and body soap."
Linda Rakes

"I'm using the agave charcoal activated bar. I am loving how soft my skin is after using it. My favorite thing about it is how silky and soft it makes my hair. Yes, I'm using it in my hair!! Since chemo, my
hair has been coarse and dry. I'm surprised at the difference in my hair after only two days. I recommend you try it, for your hair!"  UPDATE: "After two months of using this soap, my brown spots from my chemo have started to disappear and my complexion has really improved."
Tammy Carmona

"I'm gaga over this incredible soap. It leaves my skin so soft after I get out of the shower, I don't need or want any moisturizers. To say I'm thrilled with how it leaves my facial skin is an understatement. It even cleared up a rash I've had in my upper arm area…now smooth and soft. I'm tickled. Even my husband's skin texture has greatly improved."
Nancy Powell

"Loving the silk soap I purchased! My skin feels super soft and it smells amazing. Makes me happy using stuff from such a lovely place. Thank you."

"The soap is wonderful…..leaves my skin so soft….thanks again."
Cherie in Houston

"Fantastic soap! Creamy and rich to use".
Margaret Binder

"Hard to resist soap that's creamy and moisturizing. - fantastic!"

"I have tried four of the soaps and cannot choose a favorite, mostly because I love clean fun!! The best news here is that each has been created by a man who made them for his wife, in this country, and there are no unknown chemicals thrown in the mix to slime our bodies. I love the scents, and having MS, it feels good to know the soap is natural and can be used from head to toe. I did get carried away and bought $150 worth to share the joy with family and friends. I am so glad we can delight in giving useful, healthy tokens of love from afar. Thank you for letting me share my perspective dear Tea Time Emporium!!"

Nicoleta Neagoy, Texas

"After using this soap for only a short while, my wife says my skin is baby soft - not bad for a guy who has been outdoors most of his life. It lathers great and rinses clean - no oily residue. Great for my hair too. Best soap ever."
Peter Aldrich

"This soap is fantastic! You'll know by the end of the first bar. Your skin will feel great and recover from daily wear & tear AND you can use it as a shampoo! Your hair will feel great won't be greasy or dried out - You'll love it! No chemicals that you find in shampoos. Best discovery all year for body care right here in Waynesville!"
Carol Adams, Vicinitus Haywood

"This soap is wonderful. I have struggled with adult acne from hormones and the soap clears up my acne. My face feels so soft that I don't have to use a moisturizer."
Tonya Southerland

"I found the Black Agave soap at Tea Time Emporium and tried the charcoal activated soap. I could not believe the difference my skin felt after using the soap. Especially on my face. I noticed how clear my pores looked, and the redness has dissipated. I do not feel the need to moisturize immediately after I wash."
Tracy Perkins

"I love the soaps. They bubble up so wonderfully, feel so elegant. My skin is so soft after using these special soaps. Hope you continue to carry these soaps."
Shirley Dean

"I like the sand-filled soap the best; second place goes to the bamboo charcoal -- because they're gritty and rough, so I feel like they're digging the crud out of my pores. At first, the roughness put me off, just a little.  But by the time I'd used the sandy soap for a few days, I was hooked. Regular soap just doesn't feel like it's doing anything at all, anymore. When I get out of the shower now, I feel SPARKLY clean! I've never paid six bucks for soap before - I've always bought the various somewhat generic brands (as long as they were unscented) at 50 cents a bar... because all soaps were pretty much the same. But here's one that's not! Can't wait for you to get more of the Dead Sea Sand soap!"
Christopher Powell

Dear Nancy,
Hope you're toasty warm today. We had more ice than anything, but no loss of power.....thank goodness! Wanted to tell you how much I love the soaps you gave us at Christmas. Ron and I both have dry, dry skin in the winter, but when I used your soap I didn't even feel I needed any lotion. I usually have dead skin all over my tights....black. But after I use the silk soap, it's amazing. I would like to order some more, if you are carrying it. Much love and thanks again for introducing us to Silk Soap.

"My sister Karen, is here from Kauai and when she gets here her skin starts to peel and crack it has something to do with our weather vs living on the island for so many years. It gets awful and her hands for sure crack open and she starts to bleed. I “loaned” her my bar of soap and the miracle has happened her skin is baby soft and she is not having to keep her hands in Vaseline this time around. YAAY for the makers of that soap!"

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